Embedded generation

This page explains how to arrange for connection of an embedded generator (such as a solar system) to the SA Power Networks distribution network. The term 'embedded' applies to both small and large-scale generators.

Small embedded generators

Small Embedded Generators are defined for the purpose of the Guide as embedded generator installations complying with the relevant Australian Standard AS4777 (grid connection of energy systems via inverters), parts 1, 2 & 3. For installations complying with AS4777 with grid connected inverters, we will connect single phase installations up to a maximum of 10 kVA and three phase installations up to a maximum of 30 kVA.

The applicable standards for small generators are contained within our Small Embedded Generation Technical Guidelines

If you have any questions or wish to investigate the potential connection of a small embedded generator to our Network, please contact:

Manager Connection Services


Fax: (08) 8404 9344

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Large embedded generators

Large Embedded Generators are defined as having a generating capacity greater than 10kVA for a single phase connection, and greater than 30kVA for a three phase connection. Large Embedded Generator installations, whether export or non-export, connected to operate in parallel with the SA Power Networks network, must be assessed by us for suitability for connection and comply in all respects to the Guide.

Please refer to our user guides for further information, including contact details for making a preliminary enquiry:

For a Larger Embedded Generator compliant with AS4777 and with a nameplate capacity up to 200kW, please refer to User Guide A.

For a Larger Embedded Generator non-compliant with AS4777 or with a nameplate capacity greater than 200KW please refer to User Guide B.