Embedded generation

This page explains how to arrange for connection of an embedded generator (such as a solar system) to the SA Power Networks distribution network. The term 'embedded' applies to both small and large-scale generators.

Small embedded generators

Small Embedded Generators are defined for the purpose of the Guide as embedded generator installations complying with the relevant Australian Standard AS4777 (grid connection of energy systems via inverters), parts 1, 2 & 3. For installations complying with AS4777 with grid connected inverters, we will connect single phase installations up to a maximum of 10 kVA and three phase installations up to a maximum of 30 kVA.

The applicable standards for small generators are contained within our Small Embedded Generation Technical Guidelines

If you have any questions or wish to investigate the potential connection of a small embedded generator to our Network, please contact:

Manager Connection Services


Fax: (08) 8404 9344

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Large embedded generators

Large Embedded Generators are defined as having a generating capacity greater than 10kVA for a single phase connection, and greater than 30kVA for a three phase connection. Large Embedded Generator installations, whether export or non-export, connected to operate in parallel with the SA Power Networks network, must be assessed by us for suitability for connection and compliance in all respects with SA Power Networks' technical standards. 

Guidelines and Technical Standards

SA Power Networks has prepared information packs in the form of guides and technical standards. Please refer to the following guides and technical standards for further information, including contact details for making a preliminary enquiry. 

For a description of the connection process and the commercial and contractual requirements for all large embedded generation, please refer to NICC 270 Guide for Connecting Large Embedded Generation

For a description of the technical connection requirements for large embedded generation that is Solar PV up to 200kW, please refer to TS130 Technical Standard for large Solar PV up to 200kW

For a description of the technical requirements for large embedded generation that is Solar PV above 200kW or a Rotating Generating System, please  refer to TS131 Technical Standard for Large Solar PV above 200kW or Rotating Generating Systems

Model Connection Agreements

Please refer to our model connection agreements for the terms and conditions applicable to Generating Systems 5MW and above.

Model Connection Agreement

Model Construction Terms

Enquiry and Application to Connect Forms

To enable us to process your connection, you must first make a connection enquiry with us. Following our response to your connection enquiry, you may then make an application to connect. 

Our enquiry forms and application to connect forms are provided below:

Enquiry Form for Generating Systems below 5MW

Enquiry Form for Generating Systems 5MW and above

Application to Connect Form for Large Solar PV up to 200kW

Application to Connect Form for Large Solar PV above 200kW and below 5MW or Rotating Generating Systems below 5MW

Application to Connect Form for Generating Systems 5MW and above

Register of Completed Projects

Each year, SA Power Networks produces a Register of Completed Embedded Generation Projects in accordance with the requirements of Section 5.4.5 of the National Electricity Rules (NER). 

The register contains a list of completed embedded generation projects that meet the following criteria:

  • Embedded Generating Units owned, operated and controlled by a Generator or by a person who was required to apply to AEMO for an exemption from the requirement to register as a Generator; and
  • Generating Systems comprising of embedded Generating Units with total nameplate capacity greater than 5MW; and 
  • Generating Systems connected to SA Power Networks' distribution network with the 5 year period preceding the date of publication of the register.

The register includes, but is not limited to, the following information:

  • Technology of the Generating Unit(s), including make and model;
  • Maximum power generation capacity of all embedded Generating Units;
  • Contribution to fault levels;
  • Size and rating of relevant transformers;
  • Single line diagrams of the connection arrangement;
  • Protection systems and communications systems;
  • Voltage control and reactive power capability; and
  • Details relevant to the specific location of the facility.

Please note that this register does not publish any confidential information as part of, or in connection with, the register. 

SA Power Networks will update this register each year by 1 November.