Get prepared for bushfire

With the fire danger season now upon us in many parts of the State, the Country Fire Service (CFS) continues to remind us of the importance of having a bushfire action plan in place.

We believe there are several key things that should be considered in preparing for summer and the bushfire season.

You should consider:

  • Ensuring your bushfire action plan takes into account the potential of loss of power. Even if you are located in a non-bushfire risk area, such as a township, power is likely to be supplied by power lines that do run through bushfire risk areas, so it is wise to plan on the basis that supply may be at risk.
  • If power is lost in a bushfire situation, there is potential for an extended outage before electricity supply can be safely restored. The length of the outage will depend on the location and extent of damage and our ability to access fire grounds to make repairs.
  • Back-up electricity generation should be considered in the case it is needed for pumping water (if you are planning to stay and fight a fire).
  • If you run a business or service organisation, then you need to carefully consider the potential for a power outage in a bushfire situation, so you can ensure the safety of your employees and clients/customers.

A key takeaway is, if you rely on electric pumps to obtain your water supply from a bore, dam, swimming pool or overhead tanks, it will need to be coupled to a generator in case of a loss of mains power supply.

Keep in touch to stay safe

On days of extreme heat or bushfire risk, we recommend having a battery-operated radio handy and keep mobile devices fully charged so you can keep in touch with latest weather, fire and power information.

We will regularly update local media, send SMS messages and post on our social media channels to help keep you informed of impacts on power supply. We recommend you ensure you are registered for free SMS updates.

For information on fire bans, and for tips on preparing for bushfire, you can visit the CFS website.