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Connection Services

Assisting you in connecting new or upgrading existing power supplies. This section will also provide you with information on how to arrange the removal of supply from our electricity distribution network.

Connection services

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Residential connections

If you’re looking to connect power supply to your property (home or business) we’re here to help.

SA Power Networks has an obligation to provide Basic Connection Services for our residential customers. Our processes are in accordance with Chapter 5A of the National Electricity Rules (NER) and complies with the National Energy Customer Framework (NECF).

Basic Connection Service is a connection/alteration service which involves minimal or no extension or upgrade ('augmentation') to our electricity network.

Basic Connection Services are provided to the following groups of customers:

  • Residential customers
  • Small business customers up to a maximum capacity of less than 63 amps per phase
  • Small embedded generators (eg customers who wish to install solar PV panels on their premises) with a generating capacity of up to 10kVA for a single phase connection and up to 30kVA for a three phase connection

Commercial, industrial & developer connections

SA Power Networks has an obligation to provide Negotiated Connection Services for larger connections. Our processes are in accordance with Chapter 5A of the National Electricity Rules (NER) and comply with the National Energy Customer Framework (NECF).  

For more information about connecting the power when you're:

  • Building a new commercial or industrial property
  • A property developer
  • Altering your commercial or industrial electricity connection

For further information on this, please visit Commercial, industrial & developer connections.


Due to changes in the national rules around electricity, from 1 December 2017, the responsibility to install new or replacement meters in SA shifts from SA Power Networks to electricity Retailers (companies that send electricity bills). Your nominated retailer will organise advanced meter installations and replacements, and we will continue to provide the service provision (energisation up to the meter isolator).

So, if you need a new meter as part of your connection, there’s a fault with your existing meter or you’re altering your service (like installing solar), you’ll need to contact your nominated Retailer to install an advanced meter.

However, if the Retailer has ‘Opted in’ to the industry transition period, SA Power Networks will continue to install meters (including PV meters) for jobs booked and completed between 1 December 2017 and 30 March 2018. This is providing the service order has been received and approved by 30 November 2017.

For further understanding of these changes, visit the Australian Energy Market Commission’s website around their Power of Choice (PoC) program.

To understand what our role is with connecting, disconnecting or altering your power supply, please hit ‘play’ on this short animation. 

If you require more support, please call us on 13 12 61.