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Residential connections

New connections, upgrades and alterations

If you would like more information about connecting the power to a new home or altering an existing electricity connection, then read on.

SA Power Networks has an obligation to provide Basic Connection Services for our residential customers. Our processes are in accordance with Chapter 5A of the National Electricity Rules (NER) and complies with the National Energy Customer Framework (NECF). These are detailed via the links below:

Basic Connection Service

A Basic Connection Service is a connection/alteration service which involves minimal or no extension or upgrade ('augmentation') to our electricity network.

Basic Connection Services are provided to the following groups of customers:

  • Residential customers
  • Small business customers up to a maximum capacity of less than 63 amps per phase
  • Small embedded generators (eg customers who wish to install solar PV panels on their premises) with a generating capacity of up to 10kVA for a single phase connection and up to 30kVA for a three phase connection

Note: If your connection service request requires an extension or upgrade ('augmentation') of our electricity network, please refer to Commercial, industrial & developer connection section of our website.

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Refer to the following flow chart for a quick idea of how the connection/alteration will occur.

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How to Apply

Residential customers

The following information explains the key steps involved in the connection/alteration process.

Step 1: Submit connection/alteration request

You must complete Form A and provide all the required information for us to assess your proposed connection or alteration. Once completed, send Form A to your electricity retailer (eg AGL, Origin) who will then submit it to us. (Note: Due to the technical nature of the information required, we recommend you engage your electrician or builder to complete and submit the application form on your behalf.)

Step 2: SA Power Networks assess your request

Upon receiving your completed application, we will conduct a detailed assessment to determine and advise you of the type of service required. We might ask you for additional information in order to conduct an accurate assessment or if the information in your application is incomplete. We might also need to visit your premises to decide the best location for the required work.

Please note that under the current law, we are entitled to charge you a site inspection fee, if required, to cover our cost.

Step 3: Connection to the network

We will invite your electrician to book an appointment through our REX system and we will complete the required work according to the agreed time.

Small Embedded Generators

To arrange for connection of your Small Embedded Generating Unit (eg your solar PV panel), you must complete the Request Form and follow the steps detailed in the relevant user guide.

For more information, please visit the Embedded Generation section of our web site.

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Terms & conditions

Before we can provide the service you require, you must read and accept the terms and conditions of the model standing offer. The model standing offer has been approved by the Australian Energy Regulator. By submitting a connection/alteration application to us requesting an expedited basic connection service, it is taken that you have accepted our offer and have agreed to all the terms and conditions.

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Ongoing Supply

If you are a residential customer, a small business customer or a small embedded generator, once your connection is established, we will provide ongoing electricity supply to you according to the standard supply contract we have with you. This is a deemed standard contract approved by the Australian Energy Regulator. You do not need to sign the contract.

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Connection fees & tariffs

To cover the cost in providing electricity infrastructure and administration for establishing your connection, we are entitled to charge you a one-off connection fee ('connection charge') for some specific Basic Connection Services (detailed via link below). It is separate to the monthly charges you receive from your retailer for ongoing electricity supply.

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Connection policy

SA Power Networks is regulated to provide connection services in accordance with Chapter 5A of the National Electricity Rules (NER) and complying with the National Energy Customer Framework (NECF). Our obligations are detailed in SA Power Networks Connection Policy and sets out our methodology in applying the following;

  • Provision of connection offers, associated terms and conditions and service standards to provide a formal offer
  • Our methodology for determining a customers connection charge (if applicable)
  • The contestable parts of our connection services
  • A customers allocation of augmentation (if applicable)
  • Any rebates towards a customers connection
  • Downstream customer contributions (if applicable)
  • Specific requirements for residential , commercial and industrial developments
  • Definitions and National Electricity Rule requirements

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