Claims for power variations or interruptions

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Guaranteed Service Level (GSL) payments

At SA Power Networks we are committed to providing all our 820,000 customers across the State a reliable and high quality electricity supply. Regrettably there are times when, despite our best efforts, customers experience interruptions to their supply. When this occurs customers may be entitled to a Guaranteed Service Level (GSL) payment.

These payments are made to acknowledge the inconvenience a power interruption may cause. There are two types of payments made for interruptions to electricity supply - duration of interruption payments are made to customers who experience an excessively long interruption to their supply, and frequency of interruptions payments are paid to customers affected by ten or more interruptions in one regulatory year (1 July - 30 June).

Customers who are eligible for GSL payments do not need to register or submit a claim to receive their payment - they will automatically receive a cheque in the mail. Customers should note it can take up to three months to receive duration of interruption payments, and that frequency of interruption payments are made during August or September each year. For more information about GSL payments, including payment thresholds and amounts, see the GSL Fact Sheet.

Other claims

If you have suffered damage or losses which you believe are the result of an incident associated with the SA Power Networks electricity distribution network, you may be entitled to claim compensation. This claim for compensation is separate to the Guaranteed Service Level payment scheme.

We will consider any claim placed in writing including all relevant details of the event. When received, these claims will be assessed and you will be notified of our decision. Please use the claim form to make your claim and attach extra information as applicable. An examination of your claim details and an investigation into the incident may be required to determine whether any payment will be made.

SA Power Networks is unable to compensate customers for any loss or damage that occurs as a result of events or circumstances outside our control, including but not limited to:

  • impact by a falling tree or part of a tree;
  • interference by birds or animals;
  • motor vehicles colliding with power poles;
  • bushfires;
  • lightning, storms, wind-borne debris;
  • events caused by pollution; and
  • any third party interference to the electricity system.

You may wish to contact your insurance company in these instances, as they may be able to consider your claim.

However, subject to the Ongoing Connection Contract established with our customers, claims for loss or damage will be considered in the event the power variation or interruption to your supply was caused by SA Power Networks' negligence or bad faith.

Our Claims Officers are happy to assist you with any enquiries you have about your claim. For all claims enquiries please call 13 12 61.