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New form for large embedded generation coming

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From 25 May there will be a new online process for applying for 30-200kW large embedded generation


We have listened to your feedback. The process to apply for ‘a greater than 30kW but no greater than 200kW' embedded generator connection is complex and time consuming for you, the applicant and SA Power Networks, so we are streamlining the application process.

Key to developing the new form has been engaging with our stakeholders. A selection of solar installers have been consulted so we could truly understand how you work and what your pain points are with the application process.

The changes

We are introducing a new online application form. This will replace the existing pdf form and will be completed fully online. Supporting attachments and the applicant’s approval for the offer fee to be raised are also completed at the same time.

The new online form will then be submitted to our Connection Central Team via an automated email to with a copy sent to the applicant. The offer fee for the analysis will be sent out shortly after and once in receipt of payment we will commence engineering analysis on your application.

What does this mean for you?

The new online form and early invoicing will significantly reduce time in processing your application, you won’t be seeing our preliminary information letter anymore, but as always our friendly project officers will be in contact along the way to update you with the progress of your application.


The go live date is set for 25 May 2020. If you have any queries around this change please contact our Connection Central Team via email as per above.

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