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Bushfire season is here

The fire danger season is here, so it is important you understand how your power supply may be affected in a bushfire.

There are two key things worth knowing:

  1. 1

    Your power supply may go off.

    This is because, like many others, your power supply comes from powerlines located in bushfire areas.

    Lines and other equipment may get damaged if there is a fire or we may turn off power if we believe it will help prevent a bushfire starting.

    If you live in a bushfire area, we recommend you think about the potential loss of power on extreme and catastrophic fire days and factor this into your bushfire action plan.

  2. 2

    In a bushfire situation, it may take a long time before your power supply can be safely restored.

    The length of the outage will depend on the location and extent of the fire damage, and our ability to access equipment to make repairs.

    Some people install back-up generation just in case. If you do this, please advise us on 13 12 61 so we can keep you and our crews safe.

A final tip

We recommend having a battery-operated radio handy and keeping mobile devices fully charged. This way, you will be able to keep in touch with the latest weather, fire and power information.

Find out more about bushfire safety or go to CFS website.