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Meter reading

Your retailer is responsible for installing, reading and looking after all new and replacement electricity meters  for residential homes and small businesses. We will continue to read and look after your existing basic meter until you switch over to a new meter.

Basic meter reads will take place every three months (90 days) or so.

Upcoming meter reads

Sign up for SMS updates to receive reminders about when we will read your meter.

You can also find the date of your next meter read on your power bill. Your meter reader may need to visit two business days before or one day after this date. 

Access to the meter

It's important that you provide us or your retailer with any special instructions to safely access your property, and any changes that may affect access to the meter.

If we’re unable to access the meter on your property, we’ll leave a ‘Your electricity meter’ card. This card will:

  • explain why we were unable to access the meter
  • ask you to contact us on 13 12 61 to discuss access options and assist you in avoiding future estimated amounts.

Securing the meter box

You can choose to install a utility lock on the meter box on your property, or to any relevant access point such as a gate. You must purchase this lock from the Master Locksmiths Association.

We hold master keys which will allow us access to the meter. It’s important you let your retailer know of any new locks you install.

You can also provide a copy of the key to a private lock or gate via post to:

SA Power Networks
Attention: Meter Data Group
GPO Box 77
Adelaide SA 5001

You must also provide:

  • your name
  • your telephone number
  • your NMI number (found on your power bill)
  • details about what the key is for (eg. unlocking a side gate).

All private keys we receive are strictly monitored and in no way identify the property for which they provide access. Keys will be used for meter reading access only, and can’t be used for connections or disconnections of power supply.

Electricity fraud and theft

It's illegal to tamper with our meters or equipment.

If you think there has been illegal activity on our meter or equipment, contact our Electricity Fraud and Theft Hotline on 1800 061 090. You may remain anonymous and we will treat any information you provide with the strictest confidence.