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Powerline inspections by helicopter

Helicopter inspections provide a bird’s eye view of the network to identify any obvious faults or potential defects we might miss from the ground. Not all inspections can be done by helicopter and will be patrolled from the ground if required.

Aerial patrols also form part of our annual maintenance program to inspect our powerlines and other assets in bushfire risk areas. We do this to ensure our network is safe and reliable, and meets the higher demand for power in the warmer months.

Risks we look for include:

  • vegetation close to powerlines
  • birds’ nests
  • low hanging powerlines
  • damaged equipment.

Using a helicopter also reduces the impact on properties as there’s no need to drive through paddocks or crops. We recommend moving livestock from paddocks with powerlines when we’re doing inspections in your area, as the helicopter may hover at low heights.

Timing and notification

See our schedule for aerial inspections PDF for more information (dates are subject to change).