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Safety around your home or workplace

Follow these handy tips to ensure the safety of yourself and others around your home or workplace:

  • If you experience a shock, zap or tingling sensation when touching an electrical appliance or electrically conductive surfaces such as taps and showers, it could be a sign you have an electrical wiring issue. In this case you should:
  1. Immediately report this on 13 13 66
  2. Don’t touch the appliance, or location again, until it is confirmed as safe
  3. A crew will attend to conduct a free inspection to determine if this is a network or private property issue
  4. To ensure ongoing safety you may temporarily have your power disconnected
  5. Depending on the cause we'll either fix it for you or identify that it is an issue which will need to be resolved by a private electrical contractor
  • Keep cords in good condition, making sure you replace any that are frayed or brittle.
  • Fix broken switches or power points (and keep them covered until repaired).
  • Keep portable appliances like radios, heaters, phones and hairdryers away from the shower or bath.
  • Switch off and unplug any appliances that cause you to feel a tingle when touched and refrain from using taps and showers until assessed as safe by an electrical tradesperson.
  • Make sure no spray cleaners or solvents are sprayed on switches or sockets.
  • Switch off an appliance before it’s unplugged.
  • Ensure all electrical appliances are double insulated or earthed.