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The future of the electricity industry

The way we use electricity is changing. From battery storage to electric vehicles (EVs), we will need to continue to provide you with safe and reliable power which adapts to the changes in demand and supports future technologies.

Future Operating Model

Our 2016-2031 Future Operating Model 6785KB PDF  provides a renewed look at what the future world may be like for you and our network. It also outlines how our work will change to meet the new challenges and opportunities.

Download transcript 324KB PDF.

Energy Networks Australia (ENA), alongside the CSIRO and Australia’s electricity networks (including us), built the Energy Network Transformation Roadmap, which provides an insight into what the future may look like.

The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) Integrated System Plan provides a look into the future of the energy market in the Australia. And, there is also AEMO and ENAs Open Energy Networks 1999KB PDF initiative that looks at the future of distributed energy.

You can also look at some government websites that provide information about the future of the electricity industry. These include Renewables SA, which focuses on what our state’s future in energy is, and Powering Forward, which is a broader view on Australia’s future in energy usage.

We have information on future energy, including solar and batteries, if you want to learn more. Or, you can start your journey to connect to solar.

We are supporting interested parties, including councils and businesses, who are installing electric vehicle chargers in South Australia. We see a growth in this area and are undertaking trials to see what impact they will have on the network.

If you would like to speak to someone to learn how to install an electric vehicle charger, you can contact us.