Financial assistance and hardship

If you are experiencing difficulties in paying your electricity account please contact your electricity retailer as soon as possible.  All electricity retailers have hardship assistance schemes and can advise you as to what support they can provide.  

Your retailer may also be able to offer you advice about government assistance and concessions that may be available.

If you require:

  • information about easy and affordable ways to use less energy in the home;
  • one-on-one budgeting assistance;
  • information on whether you are getting the right rebates and assistance;
  • help to understand your energy bills and the energy market;
  • advice, advocacy and support;
  • links to other services that may be able to assist you; and
  • help to access no or low interest loans to purchase energy efficient appliances;

please contact the HESS Helpline on 1800 007 001.