Connections and installations

Fact Sheets - Connections and installations
Adobe PDF Document (pdf)Fact sheet - Customer Connection Charges Explained (114 KB)
  Every year, customers request 26,000 new or altered connections from SA Power Networks. This fact sheet explains the connection process and associated costs.
Adobe PDF Document (pdf)Fact sheet - meter reading (75 KB)
  SA Power Networks owns and is responsible for reading all electricity meters in South Australia on behalf of the electricity retailers. This fact sheet includes information on reading the meter, access and the SA Power Networks / Utility Lock
Adobe PDF Document (pdf)Fact sheet - Small Scale Property Developments (642 KB)
  Everything you need to know about electrical connections for small scale property developments.
Adobe PDF Document (pdf)Fact sheet - street lighting (74 KB)
  Street lighting is generally the responsibility of local councils and the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure. In both cases, SA Power Networks acts as a contractor and provides a range of services including design, installation and maintenance.
Adobe PDF Document (pdf)Fact sheet - undergrounding powerlines (83 KB)
  SA Power Networks supports the undergrounding of powerlines. Powerlines are placed underground in all new urban residential and industrial developments.

I have a solar-powered system. What sort of meter do I need?Return To Top

If you have a solar-powered system in your home you will need a special solar import/export meter that will replace your former SA Power Networks meter. For single-phase power, view the single-phase solar import/export meter brochure or the single-phase solar import/export meter brochure (with off-peak load) for three-phase power, see three-phase solar import/export meter brochure.

What is an electricity retailer?Return To Top

Your retailer sells you electricity and bills you for it. SA Power Networks is not an electricity retailer - we are South Australia's electricity distributor, responsible for operating the distribution network that delivers power to your home or business. See retailers for more information.

I'm moving into an established home, can SA Power Networks organise my new connection and disconnection? Return To Top

Connecting and disconnecting power to established homes can only be organised through your electricity retailer.

How can I establish or upgrade an existing connection?Return To Top

To establish a new connection for a new home, or upgrade your existing connection, complete the Application for Connection, Alteration and Removal of Supply (Form A). You may need assistance from your electrician or electrical contractor. Send the completed form to your retailer, who will advise SA Power Networks to connect you to the network or upgrade your connection. We will install, adjust, maintain and read your meter (four times a year), and maintain the junction box and wiring leading from your home to the network. 

Who reads my electricity meter?Return To Top

SA Power Networks owns and is responsible for reading all electricity meters in South Australia on behalf of the electricity retailers. Where access to your meter is available, we will read your electricity meter approximately every three months (90 days). It is the responsibility of the property owner/occupier to ensure we have safe and unimpeded access to the electricity meter at all times.

While we are responsible for obtaining meter readings we do not bill you for electricity usage. Your electricity
account will be provided by your electricity retailer.

If a meter reading cannot be obtained when we attend your property, an estimate of your electricity usage may be used by your retailer for billing purposes.

The date of your next meter reading is shown on your electricity account. Please note that this is an approximate
date only. Due to scheduling commitments your meter reader may attend your home two business days either side of indicated date.

Why does SA Power Networks need access to my property?Return To Top

There are times when SA Power Networks needs to have convenient and unhindered access to your property. This may be for the purpose of reading your meter, or to inspect, test and repair equipment or to restore your electricity supply.

All SA Power Networks representatives carry formal identification, which you may request to see.

If you have specific requests relating to access to your property (such as security), or if there is a safety risk to our staff member (such as an unleashed dog), please inform us.

We respect your property and will remain onsite only for the minimum time it will take us to complete the purpose of our visit.