Life Support

We understand that for some customers a reliable power supply can be vital, particularly if you have a medical condition and rely on life support equipment. Power outages are often caused by factors that are out of our control such as extreme weather or a car hitting a stobie pole. While we will aim to restore power as soon as possible, there may be delays, so we ask that you be prepared.

If you use a life support system and if electricity is crucial to your health, please speak with your family and your medical practitioner and set up an emergency plan for when the power goes out.

Different medical situations require different plans, so evaluate your situation first, and then decide on the best course of action. We've outlined below some steps you can take now to ensure you are prepared.

  • Make sure any medical equipment that needs power has battery back-up or a generator
  • Know the location of your nearest hospital
  • Keep your mobile phone, tablet or laptop computer charged, so you can stay in touch
  • Have a battery-operated radio on hand with fresh batteries
  • During a weather event, listen to the radio to keep up with the latest weather conditions
  • Keep emergency phone numbers handy – for your doctor, fire department, police and ambulance services
  • Always have a phone available that doesn't rely on mains power, remembering cordless phones don't work during power outages
  • Be fully prepared to leave your home if an extended outage occurs.

For more information please download our fact sheet here.