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Facilities access


We have a unique combination of infrastructure like stobie poles, ducting, fibre and real estate spread across SA’s populated areas. Because of that, we can provide third parties an opportunity to attach their assets to ours in readily accessible public locations, subject to agreement to the relevant terms and conditions.

As network reliability and safety is our number one priority, we assess each enquiry ensuring technical and engineering feasibility. If needed, we can work with you to provide services that enable safe attachment of your asset to ours.

To register your interest in using our infrastructure, you’ll need to provide details of your proposal which includes your contact details, technology type, location and timeframe to our Facilities Access team at or 8404 5399.

For general enquiries or support with existing Facilities Access Agreements, please contact us on the details above.

What we offer:

  • Ability to gain access to a vast number of infrastructure sites throughout metropolitan areas and rural hubs
  • One stop shop – including design and construct
  • Reduced timeframe of Make Ready Work
  • Dedicated key contact
  • Guaranteed turnaround times for access and enquiries
  • Information being readily available in one location
  • Dealing direct with one asset owner

Our process:


  • Expression of Interest
  • Review SA Power Networks Terms and Conditions - Facilities Access Agreement and fees


  • Selection of SA Power Networks individual infrastructure
  • Site readiness review
  • Determination of power supply (if required)


  • Site Licence application
  • Make Ready Work quotation
  • Make Ready Work completion
  • Power supply application


  • Power supply connection point
  • Customer owned asset
  • Energise power supply


  • Asset Maintenance
  • Infrastructure maintenance
  • Invoicing and payment