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For Solar Retailers and Installers

Select from the options below to learn more about Flexible Exports.

Compatible equipment

Compatible equipment

Understand what is the relevant compatible equipment.

Installer information for Flexible Exports

Installer information for Flexible Exports

An overview of information about the Flexible Exports installation process for installers.

Relevant Agent - Smarter Homes

Relevant Agent - Smarter Homes

Find out more about how Flexible Exports fits in with the Government's Smarter Homes Program.

Empowering the solar industry

South Australia continues to lead the world in the take-up of distributed energy resources (DER) such as rooftop solar and home batteries. SA Power Networks is committed to ensuring that our distribution network can continue to support the growth of rooftop solar in the State for years to come.

The rapid uptake of solar is placing significant stress on the electricity distribution network in some areas, and we are actively investing in a range of measures so that we can:

  • deliver on our goal to double the amount of solar on our network by 2025
  • support our State’s target of 100% net-renewables by 2030.

Read more information on how we are enabling the distributed energy transition.

The challenge and how we are responding

Some parts of our electricity distribution network are reaching their maximum capacity to host solar exports. This is causing customers’ solar inverters to trip off or ramp down, and voltage issues for other non-solar customers nearby.

In some areas, reverse solar power flows on the network are beginning to exceed the capacity of our zone substations. Without mitigating action, this has the potential to overload or damage our equipment, which may lead to blackouts.

We have several initiatives underway to increase the capacity of our network to support solar. One of the changes is the introduction of “Flexible Exports”, enabled by modern, smart, internet-connected inverters. This innovative new connection option will be offered to new or upgrading solar customers as an alternative to reduced fixed export limits in overloaded parts of our network.

This area of our website explains the flexible and fixed connection options in more detail. Please also check out our video below, which explains more about Flexible Exports.


Flexible Exports for Installers video transcript (PDF 99KB).

We have created infographics to help explain Flexible Exports.

We will continue to add further information to these pages and communicate directly with the solar industry so  you can make the most of these changes.

In the meantime, please sign up for and read our Notices to Industry below and visit our FAQs.

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