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Severe weather safety

Heatwaves, damaging winds, heavy rain and flooding can interfere with our network and put you in danger. It’s important that you stay safe in the event of severe weather and are prepared for a temporary loss of power.

If you see a lowered or damaged powerline, report it immediately by calling 13 13 66

If extreme weather is on its way you should:

  • Read our tips to prepare for a possible power outage, and ensure a back-up plan is in place for anyone relying on medical equipment.
  • Where safe, tidy up any loose items around the house that could be sent flying during a storm.
  • Remove any weak tree branches that could fall on your home.
  • Stay indoors and away from any trees, downed wires and power poles.
  • Listen to your local ABC radio station to keep up with the latest weather conditions and emergency warnings.
  • Stock up on batteries for torches, radios and other equipment.
  • Keep mobile phones and other devices charged, and follow us on FacebookInstagram and X so that we can keep you updated.
  • Unplug electronic equipment that may be affected by a power surge or flooding.

For current warnings and safety advice visit the State Emergency Service (SES) website or call 132 500 for SES attendance.