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We understand the River Murray floods have been difficult. To help you get back to normal, SA Power Networks will reconnect electricity supply as soon as it is safe to do so. Once safe access to an area is available, which may include floodwaters receding and flood plains drying sufficiently to allow safe vehicle access, we will inspect the local electricity network, undertaking any repairs as required. Access to some areas will be delayed due to road damage, boggy ground or other localised safety considerations. It also will not be safe to reconnect many properties that have been inundated by water.

We have prepared a fact sheet with information about the process of reconnecting power after flooding.

Customer reconnection fact sheet

Electrical Contractor reconnection fact sheet

Reconnecting your power

Once we have safe access, reconnection of power will involve two key steps. 

First, we will need to check and repair the network of poles and wires supplying your area. Once this is completed and the network is energised, we then can conduct safety checks to confirm the properties that can be safely reconnected to power supply or which require electrical or other work before being reconnected to power supply.

We will leave a written notice at your property once we have visited. This will provide information on your next steps.

Flood-related damage

Flooding can cause damage to electrical wiring and equipment within your property. If any part of your property has been flood affected, there is the risk that the electrical circuits associated with gates, pumps, hot water services, split air conditioners, power circuits, outbuildings etc may be damaged. Damage may include cable insulation failure, connection failure or degradation, or related to corrosion or mud deposits.

What you can do

Information to step through a decision tree for what customers can do to prepare for reconnections after flooding.Step 1. Can you access your property safely? If no, then wait until you can access your property safely.If Yes, then move to step 2.Step 2. Do you have documentation in your meter box or at your front door or at your property ;eft by SA Power Networks?If yes, Call your retailer to trigger the reconnection process. SA Power Networks will contact you once we reconnect your power.If no, move to step 3.Step 3. Were you inundated by floods?If no, Call your retailer for reconnection. SA Power Networks will be in contact once we hear from your retailerIf yes, move to step 4.Step 4. Engage an electrician to perform checks of your property.Call your retailer for reconnection. Note that you will also need a licensed electrician to restore power to your entire premises and this will require an eCoC. SA Power Networks can only reconnect power where it is confirmed safe to do so.


Example scenarios

If your property was unaffected by flooding, we will reconnect your power and leave your main switch(s) off for safety. We will leave a notification card in your meter board advising when you can turn your main switch on.

It is essential you contact your retailer to confirm they have re-established your electricity account.

Notification cards example

If you have an ‘unsafe wiring’ tag in your switchboard, it means that we have identified that some of the wiring in your property may be faulty, and we have isolated it for safety reasons. You will need a qualified electrician to test the electrical installation, reconnect the appropriate wiring in your switchboard, and then restore your power. Your electrician will provide you with a certificate of compliance (eCoC) certifying the work has been completed.

Your electrician must turn on the main switch(s) once they have certified everything is safe.

For safety reasons, you must not operate your main switch.

It is essential you contact your retailer to confirm they have re-established your electricity account.

Example of an unsafe wiring danger tag

If your entire property is unable to be safely reconnected to our network, we will leave a notification card advising you of this.

In these cases, you will need an electrician to test and repair your electrical installation and provide a certificate of compliance (eCoC) prior to SA Power Networks returning to your property to confirm works have been undertaken and it is safe to reconnect your power supply.

It is essential you contact your retailer as soon as possible to arrange reconnection and re-establish your electricity account.

If you are planning to demolish your property, you can call SA Power Networks on 13 12 61 during business hours, to talk about the process.

Example danger tags from SA Power Networks


Access to your property

In all cases we will need safe access to your main switchboard (meter box) and the connection point to our network. Please make sure you also check your meter board for any notifications/ instructions from us.

If we were unable to access your main switch or meter board we will leave an orange notification card indicating this. Please follow the instruction on the card for next steps, which will include a return visit.

If we have not left a card in your main switchboard, please contact your retailer and request a reconnection service order.

Your electricity meter

In some cases the electricity meter will need to be replaced due to water damage. Where safe, SA Power Networks will bypass the damaged meter to restore your power without delay and advise your retailer to follow up with installation of replacement metering. This bypass arrangement will be safe for you to use temporarily.

Safety advice

  • If there has been any water inundation in your property, we recommend that you engage a qualified electrician to confirm the integrity of your electrical wiring and equipment.
  • Do not remove any electrical danger tags – that should only be done by SA Power Networks or your electrician as specified on the tag.
  • All electrical work must be performed by a licenced electrical worker.

Staying informed

When we attend your property to attempt reconnection we will leave a notification card advising the outcome. If you are not living on site, we encourage you to register for our free SMS/email outage update service or call 13 12 61 to register via phone. We will use this service to notify you when your power has been reconnected and provide other updates relevant to power supply at your property.


SA Power Networks will waive the standard published fee for the abolishment of a service connection, or reconnection of a ‘like for like’ service after repairs by a qualified electrician. (‘Like for like’ means the repairs need to be as close as technically possible to the supply capacity and arrangement of your existing electrical installation).

We have waived the standard network supply charge for the time you have been disconnected from the electricity network.

It is essential you contact your retailer as soon as possible after reconnection to re-establish your electricity account. We recommend you ask them about any fees they may charge for work related to flood damage.

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