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Closed Loop Voltage Control Trial

Launched in March 2020 following the award of a grant under the SA Government’s Demand Management Trials Program, this project aims to support more rooftop solar and battery uptake by exploring innovative new ways to further leverage the equipment being deployed under our Enhanced Voltage Management program.  We will use voltage data from a range of sources, including smart meters, a new data platform developed by Future Grid and advanced models developed by the CSIRO, to manage network voltage in real-time at the Hope Valley Substation. 

This project seeks to demonstrate an ability to improve customers’ power quality, increase the amount of solar that can be connected to the network and potentially allow emergency demand reductions during supply shortages.  It will also show how network visibility can be enhanced, by using data science to combine data from a variety of distributed sources such as smart meters. If this trial is successful, we anticipate further deploying this capability to other substations upgraded under the Enhanced Voltage Management program.