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Reliability management

As part of our commitment to provide a reliable power supply, we have a reliability team that dedicates its time to monitoring and analysing power outages on our network. This team acts to reduce the risk of future outages and works to continually manage our network's reliability.

To assist us in maintaining reliability, you should report any power outages and possible faults or hazards to our Faults & Emergencies team on 13 13 66.

Our work to manage our network reliability

We carry out an ongoing Reliability Management Program, which focuses on managing reliability performance in areas where our customers experience frequent outages.

This work includes projects aimed at:

  • preventing outages occurring
  • reducing the number of customers whom experience the outage
  • reducing outage durations.

There are a range of improvements to manage our network's reliability, including the installation of:

  • animal guards where wildlife comes into contact with our equipment
  • line covering on bare wires under problem vegetation (trees, bushes, etc)
  • switches to minimise the number of customers who experience an outage
  • Line Fault Indicators to better identify the location of faults.

We continue to identify, trial, introduce and review new reliability management products and procedures, and apply best practices to maintain a reliable electricity supply. Condition monitoring practices and strategic asset maintenance and replacement also underpin network reliability.

We are committed to delivering a reliable and high-quality electricity supply as free from outages as possible. If you experience an outage, we will strive to restore your power as soon as possible.