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Access to your property

From time to time we’ll need to access your property to carry out maintenance, inspections and repair work on our powerlines and other equipment.

Why we might need to access your land

We may need to:

  • inspect or read electricity meters (monthly or quarterly)
  • identify the location and cause of a fault, and repair it (during power outages)
  • complete maintenance on, or upgrade, our equipment located on or near your land (when required)
  • inspect our Stobie poles, overhead or underground powerlines, transformers or other electrical equipment located on your land (annual pre-bushfire season patrols, and five to 10-year full inspections)
  • complete pole plating work (the safe and effective refurbishment of stobie poles)
  • check or clear vegetation from around powerlines on or near your property (annual pre-bushfire season patrols, plus three-year full inspections)
  • assess the need for possible future infrastructure (as required)
  • assess Stobie poles as part of our pole inspection program both on council land and private property.

We have the right to enter private property to restore power supply without notice, but will always show ID on request so you know who we are. Our vehicles will display the SA Power Networks logo.

We use several authorised contractors for inspections and repairs; they have the same rights and responsibilities as our employees. Contractors will also carry ID and their Electricity Officer credentials as their authority to enter private property where required.

How you'll be notified

We have a defined tree inspection and trimming schedule and aim to provide 30 days notification to access private land for tree trimming

For other types of inspections or maintenance, particularly pre-bushfire risk season, we aim to provide at least one week’s notice to you. This work is less predictable, so we may not be able to provide more notice.

We are able to provide more notification options to customers who sign up for updates

Our commitment to you 

We will:

  • leave gates as we find them, whether open or shut
  • be mindful of the welfare of livestock or pets
  • take care not to damage roads, crops, or any part of your property
  • undertake a range of biosecurity measures to minimise the risk of our activities.
  • repair or compensate for any damage, if caused by us; our claim form

What you can do to help us

So that we can carry out our activities easily and safely, when you know we will be on your property, we ask that you:

  • tell us about any special access to your land or our equipment
  • any special farm certifications such as organic
  • keep dogs and livestock safely secured
  • provide safe and open access to our equipment (you can loop a utility lock available from master locksmiths through your own personal lock providing us both access)

Our people will leave gates as we find them whether open or shut. They will take care not to damage roads, crops, or any part of your property. We will repair or compensate for any damage we cause.

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