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Your meter data

Your Meter Data is a dashboard where you can access and monitor your meter data.

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Your client's meter data

If you are accessing this service as an Authorised Representative of a third party, you must receive their consent and complete our Authorised Representative Registration form 32KB PDF before using this service.

We may request evidence of your client's consent to access data on their behalf.

Once we confirm your eligibility as an Authorised Representative, you will be able to access your client’s meter data.

How to get started

To register for the Your Meter Data service, you will need:

Registering and using the dashboard is free for homes and businesses in South Australia.


Your experience

By using Your Meter Data, you’ll be able to see how much electricity you have used. You can use this data to see your usage over time, which means you can compare it to your electricity bill and may be able to find ways to be more efficient.

If you use solar power, you’ll also be able to use this dashboard to view your generation data.

Energy Made Easy is another place where you can find more information on your electricity usage and possibly a better retail energy offer.

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