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About the Market Active Solar Trial

This project, funded by ARENA as part of their Advancing Renewables Program, seeks to further develop our approach to integrating rooftop solar with the grid, using smart inverters, with innovative new retail offers that reward customers for enabling their solar to be responsive to wholesale energy market pricing.

Combining Flexible Exports connections with innovative retail market offers will be key to maximising the opportunity for future customers to participate in the market while ensuring power flows don’t exceed the technical limits of the network. This trial will be the first time that this has been demonstrated in practice and represents a unique example of how retailers and networks can collaborate to maximise customer value.

Working with energy retailers, our trial will run from late 2023 for 12 months. The trial will explore customer experience and test consumer understanding and acceptance, which will inform future market design and demonstrate pathways for retailers and DNSPs to collaborate to actively manage small-scale solar.

If you have any more questions during the trial contact us.

Lessons learnt from the Market Active Solar Trial

During the trial, we are learning about the operational and customer experiences with Market Active Solar. Trial announcement, recorded forums and developed public reports are made available below:

Market Active solar trial partners

Market Active Solar Trial partner logos. Partners include SA Power Networks, AGL, Simply Energy and ARENA