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Help to protect South Australia’s underground assets — minimise the risk with Before You Dig Australia. 

If you’re planning to undertake any excavation work — on either public or private property — it is essential to know the location of any underground assets because: 

  • Excavation work can potentially damage cables and other infrastructure that is integral to the Network Assets. 
  • Damaging power infrastructure also presents a potential electrocution hazard, which could lead to serious injury or death. 
  • Financial penalties may also apply as a result of any damage caused when digging around power network assets.  

The 'Before You Dig Australia' app is a helpful tool that makes it easy to find underground infrastructure and related information, promoting safe digging practices and removes the need to contact multiple organisations for information on underground assets. 


The FREE Before You Dig Australia app is an important tool to safely plan work 

The use of the app may help minimise contact and reduce the risk of injury or death from electrocution and damage to equipment and the electricity network.


Visit the Apple App store or Google Play store on your mobile device and search for BYDA.

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Frequently asked questions

Before You Dig Australia is a free service and is available to individuals, businesses and other organisations. 

Before You Dig Australia should be used by anyone undertaking excavation work anywhere in South Australia.

Homeowners, builders, farmers, local councils, landscapers, cable and pipe location companies, maintenance workers and anyone working in, and around underground power infrastructure should use Before You Dig Australia before beginning work. 

Even minor digging can potentially damage underground power and other infrastructure. 

If you’re installing a fence or mailbox, laying a driveway, doing some landscaping or having a pool installed, you need to use Before You Dig Australia to ensure you can excavate safely.  

Plans come from SA Power Networks and other asset owners and will usually be available within minutes of making a request. However, in some cases it can take up to two business days.  

In some cases, SA Power Networks (or other asset providers) may advise you to engage an accredited locator to locate underground power infrastructure. You may also opt to do this if you feel you require assistance.  

Helpful links

Visit the Before You Dig Australia website and SA WHS laws for more information about working safely near underground assets.  

Downland SA Code of Practice: Excavation Work to keep you and the people you work with safe and informed on the code of practice for excavation work.