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Contractor WHS Induction

Work Safe. Home Safe. Every Day. 

We're committed to achieving a workplace free of injuries. We believe that if a job can't be done safely it shouldn't be done at all, and we expect all of our suppliers to have the same commitment to safety.

We provide our people and contractors with the appropriate information, instruction and training to prepare for potential hazards and understand how we intend to manage risks.

Contractor WHS Induction

All contractors must complete a Business Registration and WHS Induction before starting work on one of our sites or projects.

Which process should I complete?

The Business Registration must only be completed by a contractor after being approved by our Procurement team to provide services.

The WHS Induction is for individual workers of approved contractors, as well as sub-contractors.

How will I show I'm inducted?

Once inducted, you will receive a card that is to be worn at all times when working on one of our sites or projects. This way, we can identify that you have completed the safety induction.

Will my induction expire?

Yes, you must renew your induction every two years.