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Commercial, industrial & developer new connections greater than 100amps

You have different requirements than most regarding your power. Below, we have the information you need to start your connection offer.

Please Note. We're currently experiencing delays with transformer deliveries. To minimize any impact on your project schedule, please inform us as soon as possible if your project requires a transformer. This will allow us to discuss early procurement of these long lead time items.

Due to the technical nature of the information we need, we recommend you have an electrician or electrical consultant complete the application on your behalf.

Getting connected

  1. 1

    Complete the application either on our web form or, if you're a registered electrician, on REX

  2. 2

    We will make a technical assessment, where we may contact you for further information and inspect your property.

  3. 3

    We will provide our connection offer, which you will need to accept to progress to the next step. A binding contract will only be formed once the connection offer is signed by you and returned to us.

  4. 4

    Design and construction will start, either through a non-contestable or contestable approach.

  5. 5

    We will invite your electrician to book an appointment with us and we will connect your power.

How long will it take?

What do I need to apply?

  • the full address of the property
  • your billing address
  • your contact details
  • your electrician's details
  • a list of fixed appliances, loads and generators (if any)
  • a list of off-peak appliances and loads (if any)
  • the maximum demand of the installation

You will also need to provide us information on any risks, hazards or other actual or potential concerns that could impact our work in getting you connected.

What if I want to cancel my application? Is there a fee?

You may cancel your application at any time. Where cancellation is within less than two full business days' of the confirmed date, we will charge you a cancellation fee, which you can find in our Connections & Ancillary Network Services 1107KB PDF (Manual 18).

How much will it cost?

We provide a formal quote and the details in our connection offer.

Is there any more information I should know?

Connection policy 2020-25 298KB PDF

Construction or connection contract 1058KB PDF

Deemed large customer connection contract 764KB PDF

Negotiating framework 1064KB PDF

Complaints, enquiries and dispute management process 934KB PDF

Technical standards

Service & Installation Rules 12069KB PDF (Manual 32)

Electrical Contractor Handbook 1313KB PDF


Apply for a new connection

If the work is standard or you cannot do the work in isolation to our network, then we undertake all the design and construction work you require to connect you to our network.

For more information, read our Construction Terms (non-contestable and contestable) 1036KB PDF.

This is only for the extension component of the design and construction work built in isolation to our existing network. Choosing this approach in your connection offer means you have chosen to have an accredited external consultant or contractor (design and/or construction) to undertake this work.

Our project officer will issue the relevant specifications to you or your consultant, who will need to contract for a design and submit it to confirm compliance to our technical standards.

Once we approve the design, we will provide an Authority to Proceed (ATP) to your consultant or contractor to begin construction. During this, there will be further compliance checks before energisation so we can safely connect it to our network.

You should be aware that the works required to facilitate your connection will be non-contestable and we must carry out this task.

For more information, read our Construction Terms (non-contestable and contestable) 1036KB PDF.

We have local area managers that can help you.


Customer Solutions Manager Area Contact mobile number Email address

Gavin O'Cadin


0417 551 481

Mark McKell

St Mary's

0400 582 844
Peter Damin Elizabeth

0419 444 917

Ben Trewartha

Country North 0419 787 696

Brian Van Hoof

Hills & Murray 0488 006 576

John Riedel

South East

0403 582 274
Tim Caddy Holden Hill and Wingfield 0403 582 308


If your question relates to our Service & Installation Rules, you should contact our Network Connections Manager Martin Wilkes on 8404 4898 or at