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Solar has been so popular in South Australia that some parts of the electricity distribution network can become overloaded by solar exports at times when energy demand is low. This can cause voltage issues for all customers, and it can mean solar customers’ inverters trip off or ramp down. To manage this, existing solar customers currently are limited to an export limit of 5kW per phase.

However, SA Power Networks is introducing a smart option to enable flexible exports for new solar customers in overloaded areas to export up to10kW from their solar panels with smart inverters capable of reducing exports for limited periods to avoid overloading the network. Customers will be able to choose a flexible export (1.5kW-10kW per phase) or a fixed export limit (1.5kW per phase).

A Flexible Exports trial will run from September 2021 until mid-2023 in some highly constrained (overloaded) areas of the southern suburbs. Once proven, Flexible Exports will be rolled out area by area across the State, starting with those that are most congested.

The Government of South Australia’s new Smarter Homes Regulations will require all new solar installations to have dynamic (flexible) export limit capability as of 1st July 2022. The Flexible Exports trial is compatible with this requirement and the trial provides an opportunity to get ahead of the curve with how flexible export connections and associated new technologies work and be ready to hit the ground running when the new regulations come into effect.


Our updated industry tools SmartApply and SmartInstall will help industry with the application and installation process. See the steps below:

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Check options in SmartApply, discuss with customer
Apply through SmartApply – instant approval!
Forward Instruction email to Installer
User Guides available.

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Check instruction email for bill of materials, comms diagrams, wiring so you are equipped when on site.
Compatible equipment and comms diagrams
OTR Wiring (see page 31)

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Make sure the inverter and any other Flexible Exports devices are connected to the internet. Export reduced to 1.5kW if this is not done.

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Commission the equipment correctly by using the manufacturer’s App. Customer may not export if incorrectly done.

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Close out all equipment in the SmartInstall App
If this is not done the installation will not be compliant. User Guides available.

Useful information

What information do you need when applying?

Customer infographic

Compatible equipment for flexible exports

OTR Wiring (see page 31)

Approvals and Standards

Fixed vs Flexible

Solar energy - information to share with customers

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