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SA Power Networks Community Grants

The SA Power Networks Community Grants program has been created to assist communities to empower themselves and make a tangible difference in their local area.

We are offering grants of up to $5,000, which will be awarded via a competitive process outlined below.

Applications for this round of funding closed 2 May 2022

How does it work?

Please review the below information before you apply to ensure that you qualify. If you have any further questions please contact us at

To be eligible for and receive an SA Power Networks Community Grant, applicants must:

  • Be an incorporated not-for-profit organisation (endorsed by the Australian Tax Office with Deductible Gift Recipient status), registered charity, school or community group with a registered Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • Deliver an activity, event or program within 12 months of the date of application, within South Australia that supports the local community
  • Agree to share activity outcomes with SA Power Networks, in the form of photographs or short videos, written updates and a short acquittal upon activity completion
  • Agree to SA Power Networks promoting you and the activity your grant supports on SA Power Networks websites, social media, through annual reports and other channels
  • Be open to SA Power Networks participating in the activity and related promotional activities, and
  • Hold a current bank account in Australia in its name.

Through SA Power Networks Community Grants, we are seeking to empower activities, programs or events which will help make a positive impact in one or more of the following areas:

  • Keeping the community safe 
  • Supporting our customers and community 
  • Growing a sustainable SA
  • Supporting innovation for future growth


Keeping the community safe 

Supporting those on the front line in crisis events, and/or focused on community safety through education. We seek to:

  • Partner with like-minded organisations that are on the front line with us in emergency events.
  • Collaborate with organisations who are working on bushfire prevention and electrical safety.
  • Focus on the safety of the wider community, through organisations that provide safety education.


Supporting our customers and community

Assisting people and groups who get left behind and helping them to access services, education and support they might not otherwise. We seek to:

  • Understand and lessen the barriers more disadvantaged sectors of the community face to access services and fully participate in society.
  • Invest in strategic programs that enhance positive social outcomes in areas that matter most to our community.
  • Invest in regional communities to ensure that they are not left behind their metropolitan counterparts.


Growing a sustainable South Australia

Supporting South Australian organisations who are working to tackle climate change, reconcile with Aboriginal people, and support nature to thrive. We seek to:

  • Reduce South Australia’s carbon footprint by supporting communities making adaptations to their projects or facilities and integrating renewables onto the network.
  • Champion a society that actively supports and values bringing Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians together.
  • Contribute to a fair and just energy transition through education, awareness and accessibility whilst maintaining low cost and affordable energy.


Supporting innovation for future growth

Supporting the development of pathways and ideas that tackle our current and future energy challenges and underpin State economic growth. We seek to:

  • Innovate with organisations that push the boundaries with new ways of working. 
  • Partner with organisations who can creatively transform the aesthetic presence of our hard infrastructure.
  • Invest in the future leaders of our industry by supporting pathways for those in STEM.

SA Power Networks Community Grants cannot fund:

  • individuals, commercial businesses and government entities;
  • activities outside of South Australia;
  • activities which have already been completed prior to the Application Period;
  • organisations or activities which do not reflect SA Power Networks values;
  • organisations or activities which do not reflect local community standards;
  • activities which denigrate or exclude members of the community;
  • activities which are or could be perceived to be unsafe or cause harm to people, animals or the environment;
  • political or religious pursuits;
  • organisations or activities associated with gambling,  drugs or alcohol; and
  • organisations, individuals or bodies unwilling to provide sufficient details on the proposed program.

Apply for an SA Power Networks Community Grant

Download and complete the application form below. Once completed, please email this form, any additional information you wish to share, and a letterhead confirming your organisation’s not-for-profit status, registered charity status, educational and / or ABN details to

We’ll review your application against our Community Grants Guidelines, application criteria and broader community strategy and come back with any questions, and/or provide you with a response within 60 days of the grants closure date.

Please note that due to limited funding, not every application that meets the criteria may receive a grant.