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Security lighting

We install and maintain floodlights in public spaces to increase security and the safety of those using them. Floodlights may be used to light up a specific sign, car park or garden feature. They can also provide extra security for a business or house after dark.

You’ll need a suitable SA Power Networks Stobie pole nearby that the new light can be fixed to. Once connected the light will automatically run each night from dusk until dawn. We’ll also remove it once it’s no longer required.

What type of floodlight will be installed?

We currently install a 180W LED floodlight that provides a clean white light.

What will it cost?

An initial connection fee covers the floodlight, installation and eventual removal. You will also be charged a small annual maintenance and service fee. You can find these in our SA Power Networks Connections & Ancillary Network Services Manual No. 18 1.25MB PDF

Your retailer will send a separate invoice for your power use.

How can I apply?

You can request a quotation for security lighting, or may wish to arrange an on-site assessment by emailing or calling 13 12 61.