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Vegetation management map

Our vegetation management program ensures that our customers have a safe and reliable electricity network. The interactive map below shows information about our vegetation management program. Use it to find indicative timing of planned inspections and tree trimming activity across our network.

For more information on how to navigate the map please refer to the instructions at the end of the page.

Activity on map
  • Outstanding vegetation clearance planned
  • Completed vegetation clearance
  • Bushfire risk area: Outstanding vegetation inspection planned
  • Non-bushfire risk area: Outstanding vegetation inspection planned
  • Completed vegetation inspection



How to use the vegetation map

Follow the below steps to navigate your way around the vegetation map.


Step 1:

Search for an address to zoom to that location

Vegetation Map - Search Address

Step 2:

Click on green lines to confirm that the vegetation inspection had been completed for the current cycle.

Vegetation Map - Green Line

Step 3:

Red dots indicate that there is vegetation clearance planned for that location, click on the red dot to see the indicative timeline for the clearance to take place.

Vegetation Map - Red Dot

Step 4:

To zoom in and out of the map use your mouse wheel or the + - buttons on the map.

Vegetation Map - Zoom in out

Step 5:

Clicking the buttons on the map turns the map activity on and off, selecting the 3-line icon will turn on the legend for each button.

Vegetation Management - Toggle Map Activity(Step 5)