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We are committed to supporting the uptake of electric vehicles (EVs) in South Australia. Here’s what you need know when installing an EV Charger.

Installing an EV charger above 20A in sites less than 100A

For more detailed information, see our page on Residential EV Charging Installations.

The future of EVs with SA Power Networks

We are committed to supporting and promoting the uptake of EVs. By 2050, EVs will have increased energy throughput on our network by 50%. This will make SA Power Networks the primary distribution system of transport fuel for the state. To cater for this expected increase in network load, we are enabling smarter network management. Flexible EV charging is one way to smooth peak electricity demand and reduce overall network costs.

We are pursuing a range of strategies, outlined in our Distributed Energy Transition Roadmap, to maintain a safe, affordable and reliable grid for all South Australians and help achieve South Australia’s goal of achieving net-100% renewable electricity by 2030.

Read South Australia's Electric Vehicle Action Plan for more information on the South Australian government's future of electric vehicles in our state.

To understand the different types of chargers, and for more information on EVs for consumers, see our Electric Vehicle pages.