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What are you responsible for?

You must ensure any planted vegetation near powerlines on your property meet the required clearance zones. Our Managing trees around powerlines poster 504KB PDF explains these zones in more detail. 

We recommend you ask a qualified professional to prune vegetation on your property.

Selecting appropriate trees - Right tree right place

There are limitations when planting trees under or near powerlines. 

For guidance on planting under powerlines please refer to the approved species list located on the Office of the Technical Regulator website. There's also a brochure available for which includes more information.

If Councils want to plant trees not on the approved list they can seek an exemption from the Office of the Technical Regulator.

Right Tree Right Place video

For further information on selecting the right tree, watch the episode of Outdoors Indoors below. Theis episode, Right Tree Right Place, is all about vegetation management in South Australia and how we ensure that the right species of trees are planted under powerlines to deliver better outcomes for the community. 

Working with our stakeholders

We work with the Arborist Reference Group and Local Government Association (LGA) Working Group to improve how we engage with our stakeholders and manage vegetation near powerlines. We recently established an Appropriate Species Advisory Committee to develop a long-term approach for species selection.

Our Protocol for vegetation management near powerlines 13830KB PDF outlines our commitment to improving vegetation management and was developed in consultation with local councils and key stakeholders. The revised protocol (2019-2021) was endorsed by the LGA Board in May 2019. The protocol is currently under review and an updated protocol will be available in mid-2023.

Share your feedback

Complete our online survey to provide feedback on how we manage vegetation around powerlines, or your recent experience on tree trimming. Your feedback will help us to continue to improve this service.

Contact 13 12 61 or email our customer service team for more information about our vegetation management program.