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Supported technology

Inverters – When connected to the internet, inverters produced by the following manufacturers are compatible with SA Power Networks’ Relevant Agent service: 

Technology Commissioning information 

Alpha ESS

Alpha ESS commissioning information 
Fronius (Excluding Symo Hybrid or GEN24 inverters) Fronius commissioning information

Ginlong Solis

Ginlong Solis commissioning information


GoodWe commissioning information


Growatt commissioning information


Huawei commissioning information

Redback Technology

For information about installing a Redback Technology system, please contact Redback Technology direct


SMA commissioning information


SolarEdge commissioning information


SolaX commissioning information

Sungrow commissioning information

Electricity Meters - An electricity meter configured and wired in a way that when it receives a signal from the relevant agent, the electricity meter can disconnect or reconnect the inverter(s) from the distribution network.

Technology Commissioning information

PLUS ES - Dedicated internal switching relay on a PLUS ES advanced meter. Customers should discuss their metering arrangements with their retailer

PLUS ES commissioning information

Demand Response Enabling Devices (DRED) - DRED connected to the inverter’s Modbus or DRM interface enabling the inverter to be compliant with the new requirements. The following internet connected DREDs are compatible with SA Power Networks’ Relevant Agent service.

Technology Commissioning information

Mondo - Internet connected Mondo Ubi IoT device connected to supported inverters via Modbus

Mondo commissioning information

SwitchDin - Internet connected SwitchDin Droplet device connected to supported inverters via Modbus

SwitchDin commissioning information

Wattwatchers – Internet connected Wattwatchers Auditor 6M or 6W device with contactor switching for all inverters, or connected to inverters DRM port for supported models

Wattwatchers commissioning information

SCADA Control – Suitable for electricity generating plants with an export capacity of more than 200kW.

How to nominate SA Power Networks as an Agent:

  • When completing the solar application form, select SA Power Networks as the Relevant Agent along with a supported technology 
  • As part of installation, ensure the system is connected to the internet and the technology provider's online portal in accordance with the technology provider’s installation instructions
  • When completing the eCoC, select SA Power Networks as the Relevant Agent along with the supported technology