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Pricing & tariffs 

If you are a residential or small business customer, you should contact your retailer about your power costs. The information below does not relate to your power bill. Learn more about power pricing.

Our Network Negotiated Services and Public Lighting Manual 1644KB PDF outlines all the network charges and costs we place on the services we provide.

There are other costs in our manual that we may charge you directly in specific situations, such as connection services. The tariffs we provide in this document outline what we charge to retailers, councils and large business.

Each year, we submit a pricing proposal for our yearly tariffs that the Australian Energy Regulator must approve. We develop these costs to comply with what the Australian Energy Regulator establish in its price determination.

Network demand or tariff change request

If you need to change your demand or tariff, you will need to contact your retailer who will then complete our network demand or tariff change request form.

Learn more about changing your network demand or tariff.

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