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Bushfire safety

Bushfires pose a very real threat to lives and property in South Australia. They also interfere with everyday infrastructure such as our water and power supply. Keep away from any electricity equipment that has been damaged during a bushfire and report it by calling 13 13 66

Each year we patrol the powerlines in bushfire risk areas, looking for damaged equipment and trees that are too close. You might see our teams clearing shrubs, trimming trees and maintaining or upgrading our equipment.

How can I best prepare for a bushfire?

If you live or work in a bushfire risk area, you should have a Bushfire Management plan. It’s important to be prepared for an extended power outage due to a fault, damage to our network caused by a fire, or because we had to turn off supply to minimise the risk of a fire starting.

You can also help protect your family and property from bushfires by taking these simple steps:

  • Keep trees and other shrubs away from any private powerlines on your property.
  • Avoid planting trees near or underneath powerlines.

What should I do if I need to evacuate my property?

If you have time before leaving your property, and it’s not dangerous, you should turn off the main power switches in your meter box. This will reduce the chance of any damage to electrical equipment and wires short-circuiting or sparking.

Why is the power turned off on days of extreme fire danger?

Cutting off power to high fire risk areas reduces the chance of a bushfire starting, particularly if a tree branch or flying debris comes into contact with our powerlines. We do everything we can in the lead up to summer to minimise this risk, and would only switch off power in extreme situations to protect lives and property. Any decision to turn off power is made in consultation with the Country Fire Service.

What if I have solar power?

For safety reasons, your solar system should be wired to automatically and immediately turn off when mains electricity supply is interrupted.

While it is possible to have a system that provides emergency electricity when our grid goes down, you’ll need to contact your solar retailer for more information on what is available.