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Small embedded generation

Application to install Inverters with a total capacity no greater than 30kVA.

What is the process?

  • Choose your system and installer
  • Your installer or solar retailer will verify which export options are available for your location and discuss the options with you
  • Your installer or solar retailer will submit your embedded generation connection application on your behalf using SmartApply
  • Accept our connection offer at time of application. This will be done for you by your installer or solar retailer
  • Your installer will install your system and close it out using SmartInstall
  • For installers, if flexible exports apply, see the installer information explained here

Looking for SmartApply and SmartInstall? See Solar and other Generators.

DER Compliance – Working towards our goal of doubling the amount of solar on the network by 2025

South Australia is leading the world in distributed energy resources (DER) such as rooftop solar and home batteries. DER is now required to be 'smart' and able to interact with the energy system. This is driving changes to standards and the connections process, requiring new capabilities from the solar industry and increasing the importance of compliance of any installed systems to these standards.

Important areas of DER compliance include:

Our New Energy Services team is committed to supporting solar retailers, installers and customers, as we navigate this new approach to DER compliance.

For more information on how you can be DER compliant, read the DER Compliance Brochure or contact us on 13 12 61 or via email at

Information you'll need

Information you'll need

Information you'll need to complete the online application process.

Technical standards and sample documentation

Technical standards and sample documentation

Understand our technical standards and sample documentation associated with small embedded generation.

About your approval

About your approval

Find out more surrounding your small embedded generation approval.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, users will retrieve sites via SmartInstall with an NMI and meter number. All sites with a valid NMI and meter number will be retrievable by any registered user.

Yes, the eCoC is a regulated requirement. We understand that there is some duplication between the eCoC and SmartInstall requirements, but we are working with the OTR to help consolidate this in the future.

Check which browser you are using. Microsoft Edge and Google should be the most user friendly.