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SA Power Networks as Relevant Agent

Contractual agreements and terms and conditions for embedded generation.

Agreement: SA Power Networks as Relevant Agent

  • the Customer is aware and agrees to appoint SA Power Networks as their Relevant Agent on the Relevant Agent Appointment Terms and Conditions (as referenced below) for the generating plant selected on this application;
  • the Customer has authorised you to agree on their behalf to the appointment on those terms and conditions;
  • you appoint SA Power Networks as the Relevant Agent for the Customer on the terms and conditions described above; and
  • you are aware that SA Power Networks will rely on this confirmation in performing the role of Relevant Agent under the Electricity Act 1996 (SA) and regulations made thereunder;
  • you confirm the system will be installed and commissioned in accordance with the instructions from the Technology Provider to allow SA Power Networks to perform their role of the Relevant Agent. Information about how to correctly commission systems can be found on the SA Power Networks website here.
  • Customer means the person(s) named in this application.
  • Relevant Agent has the meaning given to that term in the Electricity Act 1996 (SA) and regulations made thereunder.

Please be advised that the installation details (Installer details, installation address and inverter details) may be forwarded to the chosen Relevant Agent to assist them in fulfilling their obligations.

The full terms and conditions are available via the following link:

If you would like us to post you a hard copy of these documents, contact us on 13 12 61.