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Our world-first smart solar technology gives you more

  • South Australia leads the world when it comes to solar energy.
  • SA Power Networks wants even more South Australians to be able to share in the benefits of solar.
  • Our goal? To double the amount of solar we can support on our network by 2025

Flexible Exports Explainer House

What is the Flexible Exports option?

The Flexible Exports option is world-first smart solar technology giving South Australians stronger returns from rooftop solar

The Flexible Exports option means:

  • Savvy — Direct savings on your energy bills
  • Stability — Keeping our grid healthy and less prone to outages and
  • Smarts — More renewable energy with less waste.

And with more people opting into Flexible Exports, cheaper electricity may become available for everyone.

Stretch more from your solar when you switch to, or choose to opt into, Flexible Exports:

The Flexible Exports option uses an internet-connected inverter that lets you export up to 10kW back to the grid per phasegetting us closer to our goal of doubling the energy we’re making from the sun.

How the technology works: Fixed vs Flexible Exports

Fixed Exports
100% ON — sending back a fixed and limited amount of energy to the grid all the time, typically 1.5kW per phase
100% OFF, no export into the grid.


Fixed Exports Light Switch

Flexible Exports

The new dynamic Flexible Exports option is adjustable — like a dimmer switch that can be smartly turned up or down according to need.

This adjustable ‘dimmer switch’ prevents the network from getting congested, with direct benefits for you and a brighter future for South Australia.

Get more information and check if your property is currently eligible for Flexible Exports

FE Brochure Thumbnail

Flexible Exports brochure
For more information about Flexible Exports and your journey to doubling your energy from the sun.

FE Eligibility Thumbnail

Is your property eligible?
The Flexible Exports option is being rolled out across South Australia in phases from 1 July 2023 and will be completed by the end of 2024. Check to see if your property is currently eligible.

"Let’s double our energy from the sun."

While it's always best to use as much solar energy as you can in-house, the smart Flexible Exports option enables new and upgrading customers to export any surplus, up to 10kW per phase from their solar panels, double the current standard export limit, into the network.

Why Flexible Exports?

Click to expand the sections below for more information on how and why we create the Flexible Exports option.

It turns out you can have too much of a good thing. A sunny spring day is a joy for most South Australians. But for our energy operators, days like these have been a challenge.

Lots of sun has meant lots of solar energy, leading to congestion on our network. This can cause issues from rising voltages — with inverters switching off through to outages.

And this isn’t a problem just in South Australia — it’s becoming an issue everywhere.

Until now the solution has been to place low or zero limits on solar exports — so each home could only export small amounts of solar, if at all, to avoid network congestion.

This is the option we’ve had available until now, and it’s called fixed exports.

Fixed exports waste valuable solar energy. They don’t give you the best value for money and reduce the broader benefits of solar.

SA Power Networks has developed world-leading technology to stretch solar further — and reach our goal of doubling the energy we can use from the sun.

We’ve called this option Flexible Exports.

It’s an option that’s:

  • New, smart and innovative
  • Designed to positively impact the future of energy worldwide and
  • Developed right here in South Australia.

How can Flexible Exports give us all more energy from the sun without changes to the network?

It’s sometimes easier to think of these different kinds of solar energy options like light switches.

The fixed export limit option is like a regular light switch:
It’s either on (sending back a fixed and limited amount of energy to the grid all the time) or it’s completely off.

The new Flexible Exports option is more like a dimmer switch:
The Flexible Exports option is adjustable — so think of a dimmer switch that can be smartly turned up or down according to need — for example, when community power use increases or decreases significantly or when the local power substation is congested.

This adjustable ‘dimmer switch’ prevents the network from getting congested, with direct benefits for you and a brighter future for South Australia.

What customers have to say

During the Flexible Exports trial period we asked some of our early users what they thought of Flexible Exports.

FE Customer Darren
Flexible Exports Customer Keith

Read more about Darren's experience with Flexible Exports during our trial period in 2022.

What do I need to get started?

Inverter Grey 150dpiA compatible inverter

Compliant to SA Government dynamic exports requirements from 1 July 2023, Making Flexible Exports best suited to customers who are upgrading or installing new solar systems.

Internet Icon 150dpiReliable internet connection

Compatible Flexible Exports systems are required to be connected to the internet to allow for automatic adjustments to optimise the amount of solar energy that can be exported to the grid.

Location Icon 150dpiLive in an eligible area

By the end of 2024 all areas will be able to access Flexible Exports. If you live in a currently ineligible area and decide to install your solar now, you can still opt into Flexible Exports to receive its benefits once it becomes available in your area.

Who should I contact?

SA Power Networks has created the technology to be able to offer the Flexible Exports option, we will work closely with your solar retailer or installer during the installation process to ensure that your new or upgraded solar system is compliant with the latest SA Government Dynamic Export Limit Requirements.

Number 1

Your local Solar Retailer or Installer

Speaking to a local solar retailer or installer is the best first step, they will fully explain the Flexible Exports options to you and will be able to tailor a solution which will work best for your requirements and property configuration.
Number 2

Our New Energy Services Team

Whilst we strongly recommend you speak to your solar retailer or installer in the first instance, you can also reach out to our Energy Services Team by email if you require further support.

Need more information?

Please review the below Frequently Asked Questions for more information. If you still have further questions please speak to your solar retailer or contact us.

To coincide with the SA Government Dynamic Export requirements going live on 1 July 2023, SA Power Networks has the progressive rollout of Flexible Exports as a standard connection option. 

Following a trial with 37 suburbs, the rollout commenced on 1 July 2023, we are now expanding across the state, with the intention to have Flexible Exports rolled out state-wide by the end of 2024. 

Flexible Exports will be offered to customers in selected areas, until the full roll out is complete in mid 2024, who are looking to connect new solar to the network, or who are upgrading or making significant changes to their current solar systems. For existing solar customers, your current arrangements will not change until you are looking to upgrade your system and you're in an eligible area of the network.

Speak to your solar installer – they can help you to understand your options and how Flexible Exports could benefit you.

No, you can make a choice between a fixed export at 1.5kW or Flexible Exports between 1.5-10kW if you are in the Flexible Exports eligible area.

For all other areas, the exiting 5kW fixed export applies until Flexible Exports becomes available.

New regulations introduced by the South Australian Government mean that any exporting solar system installed from 1 July 2023 must be compatible with Flexible Exports. Talk to your installer to ensure they set up your system correctly at time of installation.

In the event of an internet outage, the solar exports will ramp back down to 1.5kW until the internet connection comes back online. Ensuring to set up and maintain a reliable internet connection will maximise the benefits you receive. Your solar installer will advise on the best method of internet connection when they discuss the options with you.

With Flexible Exports option, you can export more than the fixed 1.5kW export option.  

Past performance of Flexible Exports at your location will be available in the Eligibility Checker. Outcomes will vary with the network location, inverter capacity and the reliability of your internet connection. 

Your solar installer will help you work out the most cost-efficient solution from the range of options and equipment available. 

Flexible Exports will allow you to export the maximum amount that the network and your inverter can handle - from 1.5kW up to 10kW per phase throughout the day, automatically adjusted to match the available capacity of the local network in your area. This can be impacted by the size of your system (including inverter capacity), the amount of solar in your area, and reliability of your internet connection.

Most electricity retailers offer different feed-in tariffs as part of their energy plans. Go to Australian Government’s Energy Made Easy website to find the best offer for you. 

Building on the success we’ve seen with the trial, we’re making Flexible Exports option available to more customers from 1 July 2023 as a standard offering for new and upgrading customers. The offer will be rolled out suburb by suburb and we expect that it will be available in most suburbs the end of 2024. Customers can opt into Flexible Exports once it becomes available in their suburbs. There will be no change for existing solar customers.  

Use Flexible Exports Eligibility Checker to find out if Flexible Exports is available in your area.