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Current Flexible Exports areas in South Australia?

Current Flexible Exports areas in South Australia?

Flexible Exports is rolling out across South Australia during 2023 and 2024. See when it is available in your area.

What are customers saying

What are customers saying

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Frequently asked questions

To coincide with the SA Government Dynamic Export requirements going live on 1 July 2023, SA Power Networks has the progressive rollout of Flexible Exports as a standard connection option. 

Following a trial with 37 suburbs, the rollout commenced on 1 July 2023, we are now expanding across the state,  with the intention to have Flexible Exports rolled out state-wide by the end of 2024. 

At this stage, Flexible Exports will only be offered to customers in selected areas looking to connect new solar to the network, or who are upgrading or making significant changes to their current solar systems. For existing solar customers, your current arrangements will not change until you are looking to upgrade your system and you're in an eligible area of the network.

Speak to your solar installer – they can help you to understand your options and how Flexible Exports could benefit you.

Download this list of questions to get the conversation started with your solar installer.

No, you don’t have to opt-in for Flexible Exports. If you are living in an overloaded area  you can still install your solar system with a fixed limit of 1.5kW per phase.

New regulations introduced by the South Australian Government mean that any exporting solar system installed from 1 July 2023 must be compatible with Flexible Exports. Talk to your installer to ensure they set up your system correctly at time of installation.

In the event of an internet outage, the solar exports will ramp back down to 1.5kW until the internet connection comes back online. Ensuring to set up and maintain a reliable internet connection will maximise the benefits you receive. Your solar installer will advise on the best method of internet connection when they discuss the options with you.

With Flexible Exports option, you can always export more than fixed 1.5kW export option. If you're on Flexible Exports, export limits vary from 1.5kW-10kW per phase throughout the year. If you're on a 1.5kW fixed export, export limit will be at 1.5kW per phase. 

Past performance of Flexible Exports at your location will be available in the Eligibility Checker. Outcomes will vary with the network location, inverter capacity and the reliability of your internet connection. 

Your solar installer will help you work out the most cost-efficient solution from the range of options and equipment available. 

Flexible Exports will allow you to export the maximum amount that the network and your inverter can handle - from 1.5kW up to 10kW per phase throughout the day, automatically adjusted to match the available capacity of the local network in your area. This can be impacted by the size of your system (including inverter capacity), the amount of solar in your area, and reliability of your internet connection.

Most electricity retailers offer different feed-in tariffs as part of their energy plans. Go to Australian Government’s Energy Made Easy website to find the best offer for you. 

Building on the success we’ve seen with the trial, we’re making Flexible Exports option available to more customers from 1 July 2023 as a standard offering for new and upgrading customers. The offer will be rolled out suburb by suburb and we expect that it will be available in most suburbs by the end of 2024. Customers can opt into Flexible Exports once it becomes available in their suburbs. There will be no change for existing solar customers.  

Use Flexible Exports Eligibility Checker to find out if Flexible Exports is available in your area. (See above)