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As of 28 September 2020, all new embedded generation installations in South Australia must comply with the new requirements outlined in the Government’s ‘Smarter Homes’ amendments to the Electricity (General) Regulations. 

One of the new requirements for customers installing embedded generation or replacing specified generation plant (e.g. a PV inverter), is to appoint a ‘Relevant Agent’. The Relevant Agent will initiate control of the output of the embedded generator as directed by the SA Government or other party with a lawful authority such as SA Power Networks.  

The Relevant Agent framework has been designed to enable the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) and State Government to reduce the risk of major blackouts, under certain rare circumstances, by monitoring and maintaining safe levels of solar PV generation.


What does this mean for you? 

As a solar installer/retailer you will have some new responsibilities as part of the Relevant Agent changes:  

  • At the point of sale, you will need to make sure solutions presented to the customer meet the new requirements. You may need to work closely with manufacturers to achieve this 
  • At network application time, you will need to select the customer’s chosen Relevant Agent 
  • Installers need to contact their tech provider or manufacturer on how to install systems properly
  • Installers are responsible to ensure the system is commissioned in a way that complies with the new regulation requirements and allows the nominated Agent to perform the remote disconnection/reconnection activity
  • Post installation complete the eCoC and confirm the customer’s chosen Relevant Agent
  • Where systems include multiple inverters, tech providers and/or manufacturers may have additional configuration requirements


Have Your Say

Provide feedback on how we can improve the network application and close out process, the resources and support we provide in achieving compliance.

From January 2022, our dedicated New Energy Service Team will proactively start working with solar retailers and installers to ensure all systems sold and installed are compliant. 

Over the 12 months, we have been working with industry bodies, manufactures, solar retailers, and installers about the steps required to meet the Distributed Energy Resource compliance. We want to better understand how we can improve the network application and close out processes for small embedded generation, the resources and support we provide in achieving compliance. 

Find out more and have your say.

To change your Agent nomination, please log into SmartApply and use the Update Relevant Agent form available on the dashboard.

SA Power Networks as a Relevant Agent 

SA Power Networks is a Relevant Agent on behalf of a number of agreed technology providers, which is listed on the State Government’s List of Relevant Agents. You can authorise the appointment of SA Power Networks as the Relevant Agent on behalf of the customer as part of the SEG application submission.   


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