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The South Australian Government’s regulatory changes for smarter homes set out new requirements for all new embedded generation installations in South Australia since 28 September 2020 (under amendments to the Electricity (General) Regulations).

One of these new requirements is for customers to appoint a Relevant Agent when installing embedded generation or replacing specified generation plant (such as a PV inverter). 

The Relevant Agent will initiate control of the output of the embedded generator as directed by the SA Government or other party with a lawful authority, such as SA Power Networks.  

The Relevant Agent framework has been designed to enable the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) and State Government to reduce the risk of major blackouts, under certain rare circumstances, by monitoring and maintaining safe levels of solar PV generation.

Appoint a Relevant Agent 

  • At network application time, you’ll need to select your customer’s chosen Relevant Agent.
  • Installers need to contact their technology provider or manufacturer regarding how to properly install systems.
  • Installers are responsible for ensuring the system is commissioned in a way that complies with the regulatory requirements and allows the nominated Relevant Agent to perform remote disconnection and reconnection activity.
  • Installers need to complete the electronic Certificate of Compliance (eCoC) after installation and confirm the customer’s chosen Relevant Agent.
  • Where systems include multiple inverters, there may be additional configuration requirements. Contact technology providers and/or manufacturers regarding how to properly install systems.
  • If your customer is signed up for a flexible export connection, SA Power Networks will be nominated as the relevant agent by default. You may change this if you wish to do so. 

To change your Agent nomination, please login into SmartApply and use the Update Relevant Agent form available on the dashboard.

SA Power Networks is a Relevant Agent on behalf of a number of agreed technology providers, and is listed on the State Government’s List of Relevant Agents. 

You can authorise the appointment of SA Power Networks as the Relevant Agent on behalf of the customer as part of the SEG application submission.  

For sites enrolled in a Flexible Exports connection option the Relevant Agent defaults to SA Power Networks. You can change the Relevant Agent to any other agreed technology provider from a dropdown menu in SmartApply.

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