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Small Embedded Generation - Inverter replacements

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A simplified the connection process.

SA Power Networks have reviewed our position on like-for like inverter replacements following feedback from industry, particularly given the new obligations under the State Government regulatory changes for smarter homes – for which more information will be provided in a separate industry news.

Previously, all inverter replacements, including those replaced under warranty, were required to comply with the current technical standards. We appreciate this compounds the potential impact on installers and equipment manufacturers in light of the new Government regulatory reforms.

In response, we have reviewed our position to simplify the connection process.

Effective 13 August 2020 the like-for-like warranty replacement of an inverter will not be required to be compliant with SA Power Network’s current Technical Standards UNLESS the capability exists within the replacement inverter, then the settings must be updated to the current standard - this particularly applies to power quality response mode settings. Like-for-like warranty replacement will be defined as equipment with the same manufacturer and model.

Replacement inverters must still comply with all necessary safety standards and requirements. 

Any changes made to an installation must be advised to us via the SEG application, including any inverter replacements under warranty or increases in panel capacity.

The SA Power Networks Technical Standards will be updated to reflect this new position at the next release. The current version can be found in the Resource Library.

What does this mean for you?

Any changes made to an installation must be advised to us via the SEG application. When performing a like-for-like warranty replacement please use application type “Replacing an Inverter”. When using this application type, you will be able to select an inverter that does not meet SA Power Network’s current Technical Standards and mark it as ‘New’ to site. If there are other inverters remaining on site, these should also be selected on the application form, but marked as ‘existing’ as they are staying and not being touched.

This clearly tells us what is new to site and the work being done and anything that is remaining as is.

If you are unable to find the required inverter on our list or you have any queries around this change please contact our Small Embedded Generation Team via email

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