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Keeping safe around fallen powerlines

Fallen, low-hanging or damaged powerlines are dangerous and should not be touched or approached under any circumstances. Always assume powerlines are live and keep yourself and others at least 10 metres away.

Key points:

  • Stay at least a bus length (10 metres) away and do not touch or go near fallen or low hanging power lines or equipment, they may still have power which can cause serious injury or death.
  • Encourage others to stay away also.
  • Consider the surrounding area, weather conditions and objects nearby that may also be a safety risk to yourself and others.
  • Do not take risks.

Report the fault to us immediately on 13 13 66. We are available 24/7.

If the fallen powerline is the result of a vehicle accident call: 000


What to do if you contact a powerline

When an object comes into contact with powerlines, there is a high risk of electric shock. If this happens, you should:

  • immediately call and report to us
  • do not move the object until advised by SA Power Networks it is safe to do so

If your vehicle comes into contact with a powerline, in some cases, it may be necessary for everyone to evacuate the vehicle to prevent injury. If this is the case, several steps must be followed to maximise your safety including:

  1. Jump out and clear of the vehicle, ensuring you do not touch the vehicle and ground at the same time
  2. Calmly walk away using small, shuffling steps
  3. Call SA Power Networks immediately
  4. Do not return to the vehicle until after the area has been made safe. Keep other people at least 10 metres away (a bus length)
  5. If you remain in your vehicle, others in the vicinity should keep well clear of you or the vehicle until we have made the line safe