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Service & Installation Rules

Our Service & Installation Rules 12069KB PDF (Manual 32) set out the requirements for connecting electrical equipment to our network. It also sets out the responsibilities for those who engage in any work relating to the power supply of a person's property.

Service & Installation Rules (Manual 32)
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Summary of Changes to Service and Installation Rules
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If your installation does not comply or satisfy the requirements in these rules, we may delay, withhold or disconnect your supply until it meets these requirements.

General rules

Here are some rules which outline everyone's responsibility when doing work around our network:

  • Electricians, meter providers and customers are not to connect any wires of electrical equipment to our network at the connection point for new connections and connection alterations. We must make the final connection.
  • All connections and reconnections to our network must comply with the Electricity Act 1996 and the Electricity (General) Regulations 2012.
  • Electricians must test all electrical work before we make the connection and provide an electronic certificate of compliance (eCoC).
  • You must provide us with safe and unhindered access to our electrical equipment.
  • Everyone has a responsibility to make sure their electrical installation complies with our rules when carrying out any alterations, repairs and any other conditions of their supply.

Our rules also contain the Technical Installation Rules, which we refer to as TIR. The TIR are part of Regulation 76 of the Electricity (General) Regulations 2012 and the Electricity Act 1996. We have planned and approve of the sections without the TIR.

For more detailed information, read our Service & Installation Rules 12069KB PDF (Manual 32).

For information on our supply characteristics and use, connection points, and additional sources of supply through renewable energy systems like solar, refer to section 6.

For information on our low voltage supply services, underground and overhead services, consumer mains, safety when working near our network, and special installation and supply arrangements, refer to section 7.

For information on metering, connection processes and our service equipment, refer to section 8.

Our rules contain the Technical Installation Rules, which we refer to as TIR. The TIR are part of Regulation 76 of the Electricity (General) Regulations 2012 and the Electricity Act 1996.

The service pit or pillar needs to have a minimum of 1.2m clearance in radius. This is to make sure our crews have safe access to it. For more information, refer to our Service & Installation Rules.

Service pit or pillar clearance diagram