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Pole Plating

Pole Plating refers to a safe and effective refurbishment technique of welding steel plates over corrosion areas on a stobie pole. Corrosion at the base of a pole is a common issue and the technique significantly increases life span while avoiding unnecessary and expensive equipment replacement.

We won’t complete pole plating in high bush fire risk areas and won’t access our equipment through active crops or under conditions that pose a risk to property.

Our staff and contractors are authorised Electricity Officers with photo identification and will always show ID on request so you know who we are.

You might notice our staff wearing full-body disposable overalls including hood at some sites. In this case, we are working close to non-plastic telecommunications pits which, as a safety precaution, we assume to contain asbestos. Our team are trained for this work, and there is no risk to others, as long as they do not touch or dig around the pits.


Power interruptions 

This work may involve disconnecting the power for up to eight hours (usually less than four hours) to allow the work to be completed safely. We will send notification in the mail at least four business days before the outage. You can also receive a notification by signing up for our outage updates.

Before power can be restored, the connection will be tested to ensure it is safe. In the rare case we identify it doesn’t meet safety standards or there is a defect, we may leave it disconnected. If a defect is identified we will attempt to notify you in person or by leaving notification at the property.