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Transporting high loads

If you plan on transporting loads greater than 4.6 metres in height, you will need to get a High Load Permit from us.

This is to make sure you do not make contact with or breach the safety clearances of our overhead infrastructure, keeping you, the public and our network safe.

Overhead infrastructure type Safety clearance If load is closer to the infrastructure than the safety clearance

Strand wires e.g. Old Optus wires that now belong to us

100mm Between 0mm – 100mm clearance you must use skid rails and a Safety Observer must travel with the load.

Low voltage mains


Between 100mm - 330mm clearance, you must use skid rails and a Safety Observer must travel with the load.

If closer than 100mm clearance, you will require a crew and Safety Observer to travel with the load.

11 kV

600mm We must de-energise the line.

33 kV/SWER

900mm We must de-energise the line.

66 kV

1.40m We must de-energise the line.

132 kV

2.40m We must de-energise the line.

275 kV

3.20m We must de-energise the line.


We are not responsible for Telstra wires.

What to do

  1. 1

    Complete and submit our web form.

  2. 2

    We will assess the route you describe in your application to make sure your load can travel safely without making contact with our overhead infrastructure.

  3. 3

    We will provide you our High Load Permit or contact you for more information.

You will need to give us 7-10 days’ notice in order to receive our High Load Permit before the day you plan to transport your load.

If the height clearances of our infrastructure for the route you submit are not known, we must perform a route survey. Under certain circumstances, we may need to provide an observer and/or an escort with one of our line crews to make sure you travel safely. These have additional costs.

If you require an escort, we will need at least 21 days' notice to arrange this service.

Fact sheet: details on skid rail requirements for operators travelling with an over-dimensional load that exceeds 4.6 metres in height.

What you need to provide us

  • Your contact details
  • The load type
  • The height, width and weight of the load
  • Where you will start and finish
  • The date you plan to transport the load
  • A detailed description of the proposed route

For more information, you can contact our High Loads/Escort Officer on (08) 8292 0492 or email