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Request for network access

If you are undertaking any work, such as excavating or putting up scaffolding near our electrical equipment, you will need to submit a request for a Network Access Permit to provide safe access to your work area.

To make sure we approve and can meet your request, you should plan your works 28 days after customer acceptance of your quote.

Please do not schedule your works until a representative from SA Power Networks has been in contact with you and confirmed your scheduled date.

You will need to complete this form if you are planning to undertake any work that includes:

  • pot holing
  • directional boring in designated areas
  • trenching or excavating
  • putting up scaffolding
  • any work near our equipment, either overhead or underground (including transformers)
  • sub-division work requiring electrical connection.

Excavating near a Stobie pole within 3000mm or deeper than 300mm? Please read the Excavating Near Stobie Poles Guide.

If you plan to carry out work on a customer's connection to our network, you must submit the relevant connections form, not a network access request.


It is your responsibility to determine what you need to make sure you, your workers, your contractors and the public are safe.

What you need to do first

SA Government

Check out the South Australian Government's website, which provides advice on working near overhead powerlines and underground cables with the clearances required.

SafeWork SA

SafeWork SA has the information and resources you need to keep your work area hazard-free, keeping you, your workers, contractors, and the public safe.

Before You Dig

If your work involves digging, visit Before You Dig for drawings of all known underground services in your work area. It is your responsibility to visibly mark all cable locations, with depths provided, before requesting access to the network.

Terms and conditions 411KB PDF

You will need to read and agree to our terms and conditions before submitting your request.


Please note: our regular direct line for our Network Access Officer (08) 8404 5409 is currently not in use. Until further notice please contact the Network Access Officer Stephen Slater on 0409 501 909.

Our NICC 404 Working in the Vicinity of SA Power Networks Infrastructure provides the information you need. It also gives information on excavating near our underground equipment and the required network isolation.

No. Tiger Tails do not insulate the lines. They are simply a visual marker of the lines. 

If you need to access one of our secure areas or sites, you can contact our Network Access Officer on 0409 501 909 or email to organise this.

If you are transporting a high load, you can check out our information on transporting high loads or you can contact our High Loads/Escort Officer on (08) 8292 0492​ or email​

Please contact our Network Access Officer on 0409 501 909 or email for a technical assessment.