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  • 14th September 2020

    SWER line customer focus groups

    Customer Consultative Panel, SWER l...
  • 31st August 2020

    Voltage management will help support even more solar

    solar, voltage management, flexible...
  • 28th August 2020

    Embedded generation - regulatory changes for smarter homes

    embedded generation, regulation, so...
  • 13th August 2020

    Small Embedded Generation - Inverter replacements

    solar, inverter, inverter settings, ...
  • 22nd July 2020

    An open letter to Port Lincoln residents

    Port Lincoln, CEO, Rob Stobbe
  • 22nd July 2020

    Special Port Lincoln works underway to prepare for bushfire season

  • 21st July 2020

    Whyalla city substation refurbishment improving reliability

    Whyalla, Projects, Improving reliab...
  • 16th July 2020

    Help shape our solar energy future

  • 16th July 2020

    Rule proposal aimed at supporting more solar

    solar, regulation, rule change, sou...
  • 1st July 2020

    New network tariffs give customers more choice and support more solar uptake

    residential customer, business cust...
  • 1st July 2020

    Revised service standard framework - 2020-2025

  • 26th June 2020

    New pricing for requested services

    pricing, tariff, regulatory