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Community grant helps Tulka prepare for bushfire season

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The small town of Tulka on South Australia's Eyre Peninsula recently bolstered its firefighting and protection capabilities by acquiring a new 30,000-litre rainwater tank through the help of our Community Grants Program. 

Situated along the coast near Port Lincoln, Tulka, with its approximately 500 residents, lacks a mains water supply. With the latest addition, there are now three water tanks bolstering the town's capacity for firefighting, but also establishing a sustainable water source for the playground area and water catchment. 

A resident expressed gratitude, stating, "This grant will help us provide resources to the fire trucks and also to irrigate the struggling green space we have at the playground."  

Another resident added, "Any increase in water supply will help contribute to keeping us safe in times of threat from fires. I wish we had done it ages ago." 

The entire community will benefit from this increased water harvesting resource, which will be used for vegetation watering, drinking, and firefighting. Additionally, this area serves as an evacuation point for both locals and tourists/visitors from Lincoln National Park during bushfires. In February 2023, numerous tourists and campers sought refuge at the Tulka playground area when they couldn't proceed into Port Lincoln due to the bushfires. 

"This resource significantly boosts our water capture capacity, making a substantial contribution to the community hub area we've been developing since 2020," Robyn Pedler, Secretary of the Tulka Progress Association shared.  

Coordinating this project wasn't just about acquiring a tank; it was a testament to the community's unity, resilience, and ability to face challenges head-on. 

The successful initiative was part of our 2023 Community Grants Program, which had over 200 applications for projects responding to four focus areas: keeping the community safe; supporting SA Power Networks customers and community; supporting a sustainable SA; and supporting innovation for future growth.

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