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Free industry webinar - Installer Training: South Australia's Dynamic and Flexible Exports Requirements

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Watch our Industry Webinar "Installer Training: South Australia's Dynamic and Flexible Exports Requirements".

Webinar resources

Content chapters

For ease of navigation, timings for the presentation topics and for specific OEM installation processes are outlined as follows: 

Topic / presenter Start time
Dynamic Exports, Office of the Technical Regulator 00:03:10 
Flexible Exports Rollout and what these changes mean for you, SA Power Networks 00:12:14 


Presentations on How to Install Dynamic Export Certified Equipment for a Flexible Exports Site 

Presenter Start time
CATCH Power 00:37:12 
Enphase Energy 00:47:30 
Fronius Australia 00:57:10
GoodWe Australia 01:08:05
SolarEdge Technologies 01:16:06 
Solax Power Australia 01:29:35  
Sungrow Power Supply 01:38:25 
SwitchDin 01:48:58 


Installer training webinar Questions and answers

Download a list of questions and answers from the webinar.

For further information on this topic, please visit Flexible Exports Industry page.

Our New Energy Services team is providing support during this transitional period. Please email at or call 1300 665 913 if you have any questions, need further information, or require support. 

Watch a recording of the webinar


About the webinar

Following an exceptional turn out to our in-person installer training session hosted by Smart Energy Council on 24 July 2023, SA Power Networks hosted an online training session to help reach more of our valued industry. 

The Government of South Australia has introduced Dynamic Export Limits Requirement, requiring most new and upgraded exporting solar generation systems to be capable of remotely updating their export limits from 1 July 2023. 

To coincide with these requirements, SA Power Networks has commenced the progressive rollout of Flexible Exports as a standard connection option, which allows sites in eligible areas to export up to 10kW per phase. 

Watch this free webinar to learn about the requirements, and how to successfully install a Flexible Exports site. It covers:

  • the end-to-end process of commissioning, device registration (new), closing out and testing a Flexible Exports system (new); 
  • how these new requirements impacts on your compliance rates; 
  • direction from participating inverter manufacturers on how to install new dynamic export certified equipment correctly. 

You will hear from: 

  • Ian Furness, Principal Electrical Engineer, Office of the Technical Regulator, Department for Energy and Mining 
  • James Brown, Strategy Lead, DER Integration, SA Power Networks 
  • Ross Mullins, Energy Service Analyst, SA Power Networks 

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