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Moving house or premise

When you move house or office, your electricity retailer will handle the billing and transfer. They will also contact us to have the power switched either on or off.

These steps will help you get organised so you’re not moving boxes in the dark.

  • Let your retailer know your moving date at least four working days before you hand over your keys, or even sooner if possible.
  • Make sure we can access the meter so a final reading can be taken – this means the path to your meter should be clear with no locked gates or roller doors, the meter box door must be unlocked, and dogs on leads, regardless of how friendly they may be!
  • If there is anything that prevents us from taking your final reading we’ll let you and your retailer know (and leave an orange card in your letter box). You will need to arrange another final meter reading with your retailer so talk through any access issues with them.

If we have a key specifically for your meter box to use for monthly/ quarterly meter readings, it is not available for the special service orders when customers move in or out. Contact your retailer to make other arrangements.

Need the power on at your new home or office? Find out more below.

  • You can arrange a move in request for any business day but it helps to give your electricity retailer a few days’ notice.
  • Your retailer will need to know your new address, and the meter number - this isn't essential but will help!
  • Your retailer will arrange for us to switch your power on and we need to know if there is clear access to the electricity meter and main switch. If the meter and main switch are not accessible it could delay your move in.
  • Your power will be turned on between 8.00am and 11.59pm on the date you have agreed with your retailer.
  • Once your retailer has confirmed your new account and you've moved in, register to get SMS updates for power outages at your property.

If there is anything that prevents us from switching your power on we’ll let you and your retailer know (we'll leave an orange card in your letter box). The orange card will explain why we were not able to switch your power on and you will need to contact your retailer to arrange another attempt.

If you need more help, get in touch with your electricity retailer.